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  • Financial Courses

    GICM proudly announces a comprehensive FINANCIAL training program and CERTIFICATION COURSES in Financial Modeling, NSE, CFP. GICM offers training program with affiliation from NSE India. We trained more than 16000 candidates on different topics of Finance.

  • Market Integrity & Advocacy

    GICM Institute is actively involved in shaping public policy that strengthens investor confidence and market integrity. The near collapse of the world financial system and recent scandals have brought trust in the world's financial services industry to an all-time low. It's now more important than ever that all investment professionals understand the issues and improve our ethical practice.

  • CFA® Program

    The Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) credential has become the most respected and recognized investment designation in the world; enrolling in the CFA Program is your first step toward earning this qualification.

  • Future of Finance

    " It's time to reignite our sense of purpose and shape a financial system that's ethical." Over the last 40 years the world of finance has been revolutionised. In no other discipline are theory and practice so intimately related.

  • CIPM® Program

    "Gain the skills to drive smarter, more effective investment decisions and maximize investors’ value". Enroll in the Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement (CIPM) Program for advanced, globally relevant, and practice-based investment performance and risk evaluation skills. The CIPM designation will set you apart as a deeply knowledgeable investment performance professional committed to your clients’ best interests and your firm’s success.

  • Research & Financial Tools

    As a member of the CFA Institute community, you have access to thousands of articles, multimedia, and hands-on spreadsheets and models that you can use to make smarter and more ethical investment decisions for your clients. Use these tools to build your knowledge and advance your career.

Gurukul has been established & committed to impart world class, affordable industry integrated & quality education in the area of Finance and management.

After having hands on experience and expertise in the field of consultancy & trainings in the corporate world, Gurukul has now ventured into education domain, realizing that there is a huge shortage of skilled/ trained manpower in the financial services industry. According to reports, currently there is a huge shortage of qualified and Certified Professionals having a well versed Domain Knowledge. view more


Gurukul is established to keep alive the “Guru Shishya Parampara”. In this, the emphasis is not on “Gurudakshina” but on “Vidyadaan”.
I don’t think God has blessed me with the qualities and capabilities of “Dronacharya” but it is my will and wish that my every disciple should be “Eklavya”.


We all have the capacity to become financially literate. We can all become good with money and make healthy and wise choices from a place of knowledge and power, rather than fear and shame. Our mission is to help people live purposeful and prosperous lives through awareness, education, empowerment and a good career in finance industry.

What is financial education?

In financial terms, it is the ability to speak, read and write about money and financial concepts. This would include understanding the history of money, how it works, how to manifest it, how to invest it and most importantly, comprehend the language, terms and concepts of money.
Our financial education courses will help you to learn the language of money, and how to apply financial concepts and tools in your daily life.